It always amazes me how quickly everything seems to come to life in the springtime. After a week with temperatures in the mid to upper seventies trees that just last week had tiny leaf buds are covered with the light green of new leaves opening.

The daffodils are almost finished blooming as are the bradford pear trees. My crab apple tree is blooming and looking very pretty. I noticed Hickory Hills Jessamine blooming in my neighborhood. All through the woods and in many yards the redbuds are blooming.

Something I have never done, is keep a gardening journal, but I have started one for this year. I can never remember all the things I want to remember about my garden from the previous year, so what better way to than to write it down.

If you’ve never kept one, now is a good time to start. Amazon has a large selection to choose from if you want something pretty. Write down the plants you buy and when and where you plant them. What’s blooming when, plant you have success with and also the ones you don’t. Then next year you will have a valuable reference for yourself.

If nothing is blooming in your garden, you can take care of that today.