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Window Tinting That May Change Your Perspective

It and places it lets Window tinting los Angeles me just kind of forcing my way through a little bit on the sides middle make sure I get it on the ends a little bit I’m happy with that let me go ahead and mark it down okay folks that’s an insurance policy right there that I don’t get any fingers at the bottom of this window when I install it next I’m going to show you the prep after the prep then we’re going.

Window Tinting Los AngelesTo actually install Window Tinting Los Angeles the film okay now it’s time for the prep very important stage this will make you a break y’all so I want to just point out before I get started which tools I’m going to use for this step and I may not use every single one but these are the tools.

Ten Quick Tips Regarding Window Tinting

like keeping my apron this is the retractable scraper that I like and I have a the stainless steel blade these aren’t really better than any other blades other than the stainless steel blade may last me maybe more than one window maybe four windows.

It depends on what kind of car it is and how I use it the other less expensive blades will usually last me maybe just one window then I got to replace them so did the math and decide which ones you want stainless steel blades are a little more expensive but they last longer the other blades are less expensive and they don’t last as long depends on your style and what Window Tinting Los Angeles your preferences are anyway I’ve got my my yellow turbo squeegee which I cut with an angle and I’ve got some hard cards I’ve got a couple of triages.

The yellow and the blue the blue is the softest the yellow is harder there’s an orange tried that I don’t prefer but it’s also available in a lot of people enjoy using it and we also have the Platinum easy reach which I certainly would recommend anybody having this tool I use it for a lot of things but I’ll never touch the tent with it in a way where scratch because these do scratch.