Don’t overlook the power of color when you design your gardens. You can use various colors to create a mood in your garden.

Red is an attention getting color, you can’t help but notice red. Use red around areas you want to draw attention to. Red flowers you might like to try include roses especially the easy to grow, continually blooming knockout roses,for a cottage garden look try hollyhocks , and of course red tulips for spring.
Yellow is a cheerful color and like red draws the eye. Yellow is also a good choice for areas you want to draw attention to. Good choices for yellow flowers include coreopsis, day lilies, and daffodils.
Pink is a soothing color and is often considered a romantic color. Use pink around your outdoor living areas that are used for relaxing. Good choices for adding pink to your garden are the pink English roses, lilies, and the pink flowering varieties of gaura.
White is associated with neatness and can make your garden look well thought out. White is a good choice for areas in the garden you use at night as white is the last color to be seen when daylight fades to darkness. White flowers that you might consider include Shasta daisy, white flowering bearded iris, and white flowering clematis.
Blue is refreshing and calming. Blue can create a feeling of coolness in a garden in full sunlight. Blue, like pink is a good choice around outdoor patio areas. Possible choices for blue flowers include stokesia, hydrangeas and blue-mist spirea.

Experiment with color in your garden. You won’t know if something will work unless you try it. Don’t forget the harmonious effect of the color green that exists on all plants in different shades from yellow-green to green to blue-green and creates the background for all your other color choices.