Think Your Window Tinting Service Is Safe

Window Tinting Service Is Safe

We tested it with a heat monitor Window Tinting Service a heat lamp and a treated and untreated window that’s a heat lamp that he’s holding so you can see right up against the glass we’re pegging that over BTU s of heat okay that’s what the untreated that’s the untreated window tinting los Angeles

This is the treated window which is Window Tinting Service going to come in at about so between that’s that’s a BTU difference which is more than half of the heat that’s coming through here, in fact, the heat glaring through the untreated glass was almost double that of the treated window what’s amazing is you can barely tell the teaching is there take a close look at these two windows.

Bathroom Remodeling Had Been So Popular Till Now?

The right one is treated with Huber optics the left one is not to block sixty to sixty-five percent of the heat this is the conventional film you would need to use but with Huber optics, this is what you’ll see as for exactly how much money the Bassoonist saved on energy costs.

They couldn’t tell us because they just moved into the house but to give you an idea their house is, square feet last month’s bill was dollars that is cheap Robin want to beat the heat and black carpel UV rays we have the solution.

Where window tint la call us now Window Tinting Service we’re open every day to schedule a free consultation with window tint called or schedule your free consultation online at WW window is May the it’s in the afternoon about to do a Corvette want to do an update video to show you that this is what ten Express is the only ten company in Florida serving Florida that can bring this level of service right to your door please enjoy we got to get that I just want to do me a favor back it up.