Successful Postcard Marketing For a Bathroom Remodeling Business

Marketing For a

While the large framing pieces from the barn are used for the baseboard and chair rail well there you have it old barn wood in your bathroom thanks for watching and I hope this video was helpful Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey.

I’m Craig Fernandina and please it’s so important to subscribe to my channel to see my upcoming construction videos here we are on the job site to complete bathroom remodel here this doors getting changed because I want the right harden swaying out.

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This way we’re going to be doing a heated floor removing some switches doing a bigger valley to recess merest place above that going to hold walk-in shower how for an old Kearney here its leader that right over the shower there you see what the customer has marked out.

Where they want things and that’s we like to do here at tower Molly make sure the customer knows exactly Bathroom Remodeling Businesswhat they want to give them what they want so event there two nights there and we’re raising this shower head breathing with a nice marble Atlanta tied up.

Tile on the back and niche over Bathroom Remodeling Business here and the whole bathroom is going to be by is running vertically that’s where right in this bedroom is day demo here we are on the job site Donny I’m dining the tile remodeling complete bathroom remodel here first off start off you’ve got it.

The whole bathroom to the studs everything completely brand-new new per-owned or solid or all new sub floor and electric plumbing heat it forfeiture of speed a coupling membrane will be here to be able going through four by four teams a herringbone pattern followed by on the wall very clear staggered reset habits we had a re-frame this whole wall gives a senior double vanity pull over here How to Renovate a Bathroom.


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