Estimate The Costs Of Bathroom Remodeling

Reasons Why Bathroom Remodeling.

Today I’d like to bring you along on my first ever bathroom remodel project on the modern build so the whole goal here was to Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget now while I talk I’m going to throw up some video of the old bathroom and as you can tell.

It was not in great shape the colors on the wall were really ugly the cabinets were in really bad shape there really wasn’t any good storage and the lighting was well ugly obviously this was a pretty big project but I think it came out pretty nice.

Truth About Bathroom Remodeling. In The Next 60 Seconds

I’m gonna have links to most all the products I used in the written article on my website so be sure and check out that link in the description otherwise let’s get started so before I could make anything better had to well make things worse.

So I disconnected all the plumbing turned off all the water valves and pulled out that old ugly counter top then I removed the old backslash too now I didn’t have a wonder bar or a crowbar with me bust a big flat head screwdriver worked out fine then once I had everything.

I needed to be removed I could get prepped for paint first by speckling any holes in the cabinets or walls than by speckling this patch of drywall so when that tile backslash came out.

It took a little bit of the drywall with it but not so such that I needed per se to put on a whole new piece of drywall instead I tried my hand at texturing that section to match the rest and it actually worked out pretty well.


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