Do you have a home that desperately needs some landscaping help? These ten ideas will make an impact while you are waiting for the plants to fill in.

  1. Arbor or trellis-add instant height plant with a quick growing annual vine.
  2. Window box-give you quick color and you can enjoy from inside as well as outside.
  3. Garden art-creates a focal point and can add height to a newly planted garden.
  4. Garden bench-instantly creates a garden room.
  5. Water-add a fountain to add sense of motion and sound.
  6. Containers-temporary gardens until you can plant more permanant ones.
  7. Path-even if it leads to nothing gives a sense of destination.
  8. Bird Feeder-wildlife adds interest to your yard.
  9. Annuals-quick non-stop color.
  10. Shrubs-faster than perennials at filling a space.